5 facts about Funmi, the Career Coach

Meet Funmilola the beauty and brain behind  @CareerswithFunmi. Looking to ‘Accelerate Your Career?’ Learn 5 facts about Funmi first!

Fact 1: I started out as a Career Coach helping people to become more employable as a passion while working 9 to 5.

Fact 2: My business name was formed with the help of a person who was doing something similar to what I wanted to do.

Fact 3: I see what we do as life changing as it gives people the opportunity to land a fulfilling job and work in a purposeful career.

Fact 4: My business is barely two years old but we have coached over 1000 people both online and offline

Fact 5: I enjoy what I do and have always been a people person and this makes what I do easier and fun.

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