Achieving Success: The Summary by Mukhtar Akinteye

Edited by Paschal Agonsi

A lot of people attach success only with material relevance. Real success however entails much more. Success could be personal, educational, career, marital, or spiritual.

To achieve success in any endeavour, Entrepreneur Mukhtar Akinteye who’s fighting extreme hunger and poverty, talks about these five must-do-things:

1) Intend to Succeed: because intention precedes planning.

2) Develop a Growth Mindset: Because if you don’t see yourself growing, you won’t see yourself succeeding.

3) Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses: Know your strengths so you can focus and leverage on them, know your weaknesses so that you can eliminate them.

4) Build Competencies: Never say you are there, you have to keep working on yourself, because the day you stop growing, you start to retrogress.

5) Challenge your Challenges: No one says achieving success would be easy, however if life offers you 10 reasons not to succeed, challenge those reasons and rise above those challenges.

Remember, you are not a failure the day you fail, you become a failure the day you fail to rise after failing.

Keep rising, keep succeeding.

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