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Success Acronyms: KPIs

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Entrepreneurs are passionate people who love to learn how to improve their business. Success Acronyms makes great concepts and ideas easy to recall and apply. In this article, we’ll be looking at KPIs: What they are and how they can help us achieve our business success. What’s KPI? A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a […]

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The 5 Foundations of Business

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Inspired by Josh Kaufman, author of business classic: “The Personal MBA”, the 5 foundations of business are critical to any business success. Josh once got a student job as an assistant brand manager at P&G. All his colleagues had MBAs but it was too expensive and time-consuming for him to have one. So instead, he […]

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How to Build your Sales Confidence

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Many people hate to sell.  You’ll often hear people say they can’t do marketing or sales job. This is quite sad because the truth is that each of us succeeds to the extent of our ability to sell. Persuading our families on the right direction to follow on issues is a form of sales. Persuading […]

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