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Crenshaw’s Principles of Sales

Principles are defined as fundamental truths or propositions. Principles of Sales are therefore fundamental truths that we guide us to a better understanding of the sales process. Sales is not only the lifeblood of every business but it’s also the heart of business. We all know when the heart stops beating, it’s means death. We […]

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Buyer Behaviour

buyer behaviour - take my money

We are in business to satisfy customer needs. Understanding buyer behaviour will help us understand our customers better and prepare us for business success. Based on consumer research by Philip Kotler, there are five stages of buyer/customer behaviour that cuts through any product/service or business offering. Here’s the five stages of buyer/customer behaviour Problem recognition […]

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Success Acronyms: AA BB CC DD


We have some funny acronyms this week on our Success Acronyms. Success Acronyms makes great concepts and ideas easy to recall and apply. Here’s our list for the week.    AA – Above Average BB – Buyer Behaviour CC – Compelling Content DD – Dynamic Delivery Above Average Dan Lok will say business isn’t for […]

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