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How To Leave Your Audience Speechless The Next Time You Do A Presentation

How To Leave Your Audience Speechless The Next Time You Do A Presentation

Written by Nihal Bellary How many times have you give a presentation that has genuinely impacted you audience. There are very few speakers that can hold a person’s attention for the entirety of a presentation and then pass on knowledge that is beneficial to anther person. In this article, I will show you a 4 […]

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The Future of a Social Media Driven Society

The future of a social media driven society

Written by Paschal Agonsi. The concept of society was best explained by English man Thomas Hobbes in his theory of social contract. The absence of society is a state of nature which Hobbes describes as “solitary, poor, nasty, short and brutish”. In this condition, individuals’ actions are bound only by their personal power and conscience. […]

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Film Making Secrets with James Abinibi

James Abinibi, a Creative Graphic Designer turned Film Maker, shared some secrets at Mbari Uno’s Film Making 101 event last weekend. Here’s six secrets we couldn’t miss. Written by Paschal Agonsi How to breakthrough the film industry Offer more value than you are being paid for. “My success break with Kunle Afolayan was because I […]

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