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Gary Vee: What New Brands Need to Know

Many emerging entrepreneurs understand one thing: they need to build a brand. A business is much more than the goods and/or services you provide. Your business is your relationship to your customers, your reputation in the marketplace, and what people think of when they think of your company. All of this equals brand. The problem […]

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How to Drive Sales in a Recession

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Actions Sales Leaders Need to Take During a RecessionBY STEVE BENSON, FOUNDER AND CEO, BADGER MAPS What happens when the economy experiences an unfortunate downturn, and suddenly your customers—as well as your sales team—face an uncertain future? Here are some actionable steps sales managers can take to ensure their teams not only survive a poor […]

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10 Tips for Better Copy Writing

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If you’re focused on getting better at attracting big clients and customers then you need to digest this 10 tips about copywriting. Whether you’re writing a letter, social media post, or a flier or anything that will sell your business, these are 10 Tips for better copywriting. Identify your target audienceWho are you writing for? […]

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